A revolutionary digital currency driven by real world use cases

CazCoin is a decentralised virtual currency which is used as the backbone of the CazProjects ecosystem.

Problems with Cryptocurrency Investments

Solutions Offered by CazCoin

Investors continuously earn through staking and masternode rewards

Real world use cases identified and addressed by CazProjects' initiatives

Thanks to Darksend, keep your payments private and untraceable

Considerably lower commissions than most banks or credit cards – often even free

Payments are received instantly by InstantX

Technical Specs
Coin Name Cazcoin
Coin Ticker CAZ
Mintable POS
Premine 30 000 000 (for Copico swap)
Block Time 90sec
Min Stake Age 1min
Max stake age Unlimited
MN Collateral 50000 coins
MN Reward (Reward * 6) / 7
POS Reward Reward - MN Reward

Reward Structure

Block 2 - 99
Reward 0
Budget 0
MN Reward 0
POS Reward 0
Block 100 - 345599
Reward 40
MN Reward 34.28571428
POS Reward 5.71428572
Block 345600 - 1036799
Reward 20
MN Reward 17.14285714
POS Reward 2.85714285
Block 1036800 - 1727999
Reward 10
MN Reward 8.57142857
POS Reward 1.42857142
Block 1728000 - ~
Reward 5
MN Reward 4.285714285714286
POS Reward 0.714285714285714

Our Projects

CazShop Live Website

Global business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) cross-border e-commerce platform powered by blockchain technology, with access to all buyers and sellers, with no financial boundaries.

CazCharge In progress

CazCharge is an online-platform enabling users around the world to use cryptocurrencies for digital payments, including mobile phone recharges, utility bill payments, and more.

CazEx In progress

A well-built, secure, customer-service-focused cryptocurrency exchange, brought to you by CazCoin.


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